Joffrey Academy of Dance, Official School of the Joffrey Ballet Presents
Winning Works: Choreographers of Color 2013.
*Note: Because this performance is General Admission, please use the Best Available Seating option rather than Pick Your Seat.

One performance only at the Harris Theater will feature three world premieres from some of the most talented young
emerging choreographers in the American dance today.

The winners of the Choreographers of Color Awards 2013 Ma Cong, William McClellan and Jeremy McQueen have already impressed the audiences in New York, San Francisco, London and will take your breath away with their innovative creations for a new generation of young dancers at the Joffrey – the Joffrey Academy Trainees. One of the most promising of the New York’s fashion designers LaQuan will be joining the winners designing costumes inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings.

The performance will also future a world premiere of “Carnival of the Animals” created by the Joffrey’s Academy
Artistic Director Alexei Kremnev. It will include Camille Saint-Saens’s most famous music score, breathtaking
costumes by Gabriel Hanson and stunning dances from the international cast of young dancers from Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Australia, France, Japan, Korea and the US.


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