Ludovico Einaudi and his Ensemble

The latest album in Ludovico Einaudi’s rather large catalog, “In A Time Lapse” , was composed over a period of two years and recorded in October 2012 in a Monastery near Verona, Italy.  The 14 pieces that compose the album range between piano, strings, percussion and electronics. As with previous albums, “In A Time Lapse” develops as a suite with a concept that recalls the form of a novel divided in different chapters.  Epic and emotional, experimental and adventurous,  "In A Time Lapse” moves even further exploring new textures and arrangements that blends different musical worlds in one. 

Within Ludovico’s classical style, you can hear echoes of baroque and Italian folk music, late romantic strings textures, and a wide variety of colors between percussions and electronics, appearing throughout a journey that transport the listener through a deep reflection on the concept of time.

For this evening’s event at the Harris Theater,  Ludovico and his Orchestra will perform his original repertoire from “In A Time Lapse"

Track list
Time Lapse
Discovery at Night
Two Trees
Newton’s Cradle

Your Gold Circle Ticket entitles you to not only one of the best seats in the house, it also includes a special copy of the brand new cd “In A Time Lapse," autographed by Ludovico Einaudi.

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