Accolades for the Harris Theater

"…a fabulous dance space"
–The Honorable Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago (May 2011)

"Harris has been able to present many exciting national and international acts that otherwise go unheard and unseen in Chicago."
–Dennis Polkow, New City (March 2009)

"At age 5, the Millennium Park venue has become a pivotal part of Chicago’s cultural landscape with a slate of programming to rival any single-venue arts center in the nation"
–Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune (November 2008)

"…the only major Chicago arts building with a long-term commitment to equal partnerships is the Harris Theater for Music and Dance…In tough economic times, that’s a model worthy of wider replication."
–Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune (September 2008)

"Add in the sleek contemporary space of the Harris Theater for Music and Dance, and classical music gets a complete image makeover."
–Bryant Manning, Chicago Sun-Times (January 2008)

"The Harris Theater’s crystalline acoustics and superlative sightlines, however, allowed the concert to soar."
–Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Sun-Times (October 2007)

"Since opening in 2003, the Harris Theater for Music and Dance has proved itself an effective showcase for all kinds of music, from classical to Baroque."
–Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Sun-Times (October 2007)

"…the engagement nevertheless marks another significant achievement for the Harris, emerging as a major programming force here as well as a home for local companies."
–Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune (May 2007)

"a first rate experience in terms of sightlines and acoustics."
–Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times (June 2004)

"acoustically splendid"
–Andrew Patner, Financial Times (May 2004)

"…the Harris puts Chicago ahead [of New York] as a venue for dance."  Also: "…what you get is far more than what you see.  For one thing, dancer’s feet are made happy by the $35,000 dance floor.  For another, the steeply pitched parterre seats of the 1,524-seat theater afford great views of those feet…And the acoustics (designed by Mark Holden of Jaffee Holden Acoustics) so far seem to be fine for the music groups…."
–Joel Henning, Wall Street Journal (April 2004)

"…the new theater has an excellent acoustic particularly suited to the clear and direct sound favoured by Glover."
–Andrew Patner, Financial Times (February 2004)

"With its clear and giving acoustics, the hall is a splendid, intimate place for opera."
–John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune (February 2004)

"Harris’ acoustics…gave the music a distinctive glow.  Sound seemed to be lovingly handled, turning neither sharp nor muted as it traveled unimpeded from the stage to the ear."   and "…the theater does envelop the audience in an intimate cocoon…"
–Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Sun-Times (January 2004)

"In the acoustically fine new Harris Theater."  and “voices blossoming in the clear, lively space” also: “Chic and understated, it is one of the city’s most handsome settings for chamber music” and "(the music) vaulted through the large theater with remarkable clarity and directness.  Heard from the first few rows, solo instruments stood out in sharp relief.  But the acoustics offered just enough reverberation to give the performance juicy depth."
–Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Sun-Times (December 2003)

John von Rhein wrote that the acoustics “give clarity and presence to music” and “such is the sonic intimacy of the 1,524-seat hall that you feel you’re part of the music” also: “The sound cut through the hall like a gleaming knife.  It closely matches the visual impact of architect Thomas Beeby’s stark subterranean creation: bright, clean, direct, unadorned."
–John von Rhein Chicago Tribune (November 2003)

"…a terrific stage for dance"
–Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times (November 2003)

"…the Harris Theater’s size, seating capacity, location, high tech facilities and modern acoustics will enable (the performing arts companies) to produce their best work."
–John Von Rhein, Chicago Tribune (November 2003)

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