MY STAGE: The Kids Club at Harris Theater

MY STAGE – The Kids Club at the Harris Theater is designed to introduce children to the performing arts while providing fun, interactive activities that the entire family can enjoy together. Structured around Harris Theater’s Family Series programming, My Stage members enjoy exclusive opportunities to engage with the artists and to help give back to their community.  

The My Stage club has been created with three core values in mind:

  • Audience for Life. The arts are an integral component to a child’s well-rounded education, and it takes as little as three positive exposures to the arts to be “hooked for life.”
  • Philanthropy.  We believe in teaching children from a young age the meaning of giving back and helping others. Children and families in the My Stage club have the opportunity to “give a seat” to a child or family by donating to our Access Tickets Program.
  • Service. Through volunteer activities, children will have the first-hand experience of seeing their dollars at work and understand how their generosity makes a meaningful impact in someone else’s life.

Benefits, good for 12 months, include tickets to Harris Theater Family Series performances, VIP kids passes, and unique opportunities for your family to engage with the arts and diverse audiences in meaningful ways. 


For more information, contact Julie at or 312-334-2400. 

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