Brandenburg Concertos

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center

CMS’s annual performances of Bach’s “Six Concertos for Various Instruments” have become an essential component of the holiday season for listeners of all ages and musical experience. Perhaps no other secular music unfailingly provides such spiritual fulfilment for music lovers of all faiths and beliefs, inspiring strength at year’s end and a vision of the brightest future. Bach’s addictive melodic ideas, his consummate contrapuntal technique, and instrumental ingenuity combine in perfect harmony for works that have gained true musical immortality.

Bach       The Complete Brandenburg Concertos, BWV 1046-1050 (1720)

Kenneth Weiss, harpsichord • Kristin Lee, violin • Sean Lee, violin • Arnaud Sussmann, violin • Daniel Phillips, violin • Che-Yen Chen, viola • Paul Neubauer, viola • Dmitri Atapine, cello • Timothy Eddy, cello • Keith Robinson, cello • Scott Pingel, double bass • Sooyun Kim, flute • Tara Helen O’Connor, flute • Randall Ellis, oboe • James Austin Smith, oboe • Stephen Taylor, oboe • Peter Kolkay, bassoon • Eric Reed, horn • Stewart Rose, horn • David Washburn, trumpet

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