BareFace is a breathtaking and poignant full-length story ballet adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s famous novel Till We Have Faces. Love has been the muse for all manner of myths, legends, movies and poems throughout the ages. Often held as the greatest of all virtues, love can even be said to be the bridge from mortals to the divine. But is it truly so? C.S. Lewis brilliantly adapts the myths of Cupid and Psyche to examine love’s motivations, pitfalls and blind spots. The story begs us to look inward at our desire for love, and to ask whether or not we honestly understand the depths of our own hearts. We remain faceless until we are brave enough to look staunchly upon the ugliness of our duplicitous motives. We become beautiful when we release jealousy and embrace the truly selfless love of the divine.

Set in the Grecian fairytale world of Glome, audiences can expect to be gripped by the dynamic storytelling through the impressive athletic prowess of Ballet 5:8’s dance artists. BareFace features brilliant costume designs by Lorianne Robertson, projections by Sarah L. Freeman and music score by Orchestra of the Swan. The world premiere of BareFace will be Ballet 5:8’s first work as a new Residency Company on the Harris Theater stage.