If Johann Sebastian Bach had only left the world his six Brandenburg Concertos, he would still reside in the pantheon of the great composers. With their stunning variety of novel instrumentations, their unforgettable tunes, and their irresistible energy, the Brandenburgs easily serve as a definition of what good music should be. CMS is proud to once again present the complete Brandenburg Concertos in Bach’s original instrumentation in what has become a Chicago holiday tradition. 

J.S. Bach | Complete Brandenburg Concertos, BWV 1046-1051 (1720) 

Kenneth Weiss, harpsichord 
Sean Lee, violin 
Alexander Sitkovetsky, violin 
Arnaud Sussman, violin 
Daniel Phillips, violin/viola 
Che-Yen Chen, viola 
Yura Lee, violin 
Dmitri Atapine, cello 
Timothy Eddy, cello 
Inbal Segev, cello 
Joseph Conyers, double bass 
Tara Helen O’Connor, flute 
Ransom Wilson, flute 
Randall Ellis, oboe 
James Austin Smith, oboe 
Stephen Taylor, oboe 
Marc Goldberg, bassoon 
David Byrd-Marrow, horn
Stewart Rose, horn 
David Washburn, trumpet 


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