Falling Out of Time is a theatrical concert for voice and instruments, created by one of the world’s leading composers and performed by thirteen musicians from all over the world. It began ten years ago as a prose-poem written by the Booker Prize-winning author David Grossman of Jerusalem, following the death of his son. In 2019 it became a song cycle by composer Osvaldo Golijov, winner of Guggenheim and MacArthur Foundation fellowships.

In 2016, while reading the novel Falling Out of Time on a park bench in Tel Aviv, Osvaldo Golijov realized that for him, the spaces between its lines were music. That white space became his first composition in over a decade: a song cycle for ten instrumentalists and three voices in English and Hebrew.  The libretto is adapted by Mr. Golijov from Mr. Grossman’s novel, as translated by Jessica Cohen.

The touring ensemble for Falling Out of Time brings together 13 performers and five technical/production staff members from Europe, North America, the Middle East and South America. The ensemble’s goal in touring this piece is to create a commons for our collective anguish and grief, a space for all who need it. Falling Out of Time speaks for the essential human need to gather with one another to feel our full humanity: without a smile, perhaps, but with a heart cracked open.

Osvaldo Golijov
Falling Out of Time: A Tone Poem in Voices
Text adapted by Osvaldo Golijov from the novel by David Grossman
Translation from Hebrew by Jessica Cohen

Dan Brantigan, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Hannah Collins, Cello
Shawn Conley, Acoustic bass, Electric Fretless Bass
Biella da Costa, vocals
Nora Fischer, vocals
Jeremy Flower, Electric Guitar, Modular Synthesizer
Johnny Gandelsman, Violin
Mario Gotoh, Viola
Kayhan Kalhor, Kamancheh, Shah Kaman
Shane Shanahan, Percussion, Drum Set
Mazz Swift, Violin
Reylon Yount, Yangqin

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