Jun 1 Thu

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary Season, The Seldoms is joined by Chicago’s popular music duo, Finom, for the premiere of Superbloom, a multi-media dance work about radical beauty, wildness and wildflowers. Featuring the company’s bold, athletic physicality with spectacular costuming and animation, this hyper-visual work stages the fantastic color of this rare wildflower phenomenon. Superbloom aims for splendor as a mirror of the sublime beauty of the natural world and posits awe as a mode of reconnecting to nature, and to one another.

With choreography by Artistic Director Carrie Hanson, visual design by painter Jackie Kazarian and video artist Liviu Pasare, costuming by Damon D. Green, music by Finom (Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart), and lighting by Julie E. Ballard.

Join The Seldoms immediately after the performance for The Bloom Ball in celebration of their 20th Anniversary Season.