Chicago Humanities Festival

For 30 years, the Chicago Humanities Festival has believed that humanity thrives when people come together to explore ideas that go beyond their personal experiences. We connect you (our passionate and inquisitive audiences) to ideas that shape and define us as individuals and communities. We celebrate ideas within the context of civic life, producing more than 140 events annually (for students and adults) from Evanston to Englewood, the Loop to Bronzeville. Our presenters leave you with thoughtful insights, compelling questions, and often include Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, MacArthur Fellows, and Oscar, Grammy, and Tony award winners.

At the Chicago Humanities Festival we present artists, authors, and thinkers deeply engaged with the issues of the day. Think of us as your cultural playlist, capturing the current zeitgeist and helping you navigate our world. Theme-driven content is critical to this endeavor. We’ve tackled questions at the heart of our civic dialogue—Belief, Citizens—and considered big ideas that make us human (From Freedom to Equality, Home & Away, Peace & War).