Giordano Dance Chicago

Giordano Dance Chicago (GDC) is America’s original jazz dance company, captivating audiences worldwide with dynamic performances and the diversity and wide appeal of its repertoire.  The mission of Giordano Dance Chicago is to create and present new and innovative jazz dance choreography, often redefining and expanding the very definition of jazz dance. GDC is dedicated, also, to the preservation and promotion of the Giordano Technique.  Known for its high-impact artistry, GDC continually receives critical and audience acclaim worldwide. 

Giordano Dance Chicago began in 1963 as Dance Incorporated Chicago and became the Giordano Dance Company in 1966.  In 1968 the company performed American jazz dance for the legendary Bolshoi Ballet on tour who were so impressed that an invitation was extended, and the company eventually toured the Soviet Union in 1974, the first jazz dance company to do so.  

For 55 years, GDC has brought the excitement of American jazz dance to audiences throughout the United States and in countries around the world — such as Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Turkey, Russia, the Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, and Japan.  GDC serves as host performing company at Jazz Dance World Congress, which has been held at many national and international sites, including the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., at the University at Buffalo, Japan’s Chukio University, Germany, Mexico, Costa Rica, Phoenix, the City of Chicago, and at Point Park University in Pittsburgh.  

In addition to its work on the stage, GDC enriches lives through outreach programs and activities which meet the needs of diverse and underserved communities.  Over 300 classes are taught each year in Chicago public schools.  Innovation and success in creating school performances, residencies, choreographic projects, and workshops are a hallmark of Giordano Dance Chicago’s extraordinary legacy.  

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