Las Minas Puerto Flamenco

Las Minas Puerto Flamenco is a musical show on International Tour through the five continents, in which eleven artists show the talent that made them worthy of winning the Cante de las Minas awards.

This is not just another Flamenco show but rather a unique event. The singing is accompanied by guitars that are in turn accompanied by dancing and percussion, Flamenco flute, Saxophone and cajon during 100 minutes non-stop. Costume designed by Francis Montesinos. 

A show full of sensitivity and imagery, a journey through the history of Flamenco that has passed through ports, interacting with music from across the world: habaneras, colombianas, vidalitas, milongas and guajiras, which fuse with the Flamenco soleás, tanguillos, alegrías and bulerías.