Amy Beth Kirsten: Savior


Chicago native Amy Beth Kirsten composes with fierce expressionism and often requires musicians to play, vocalize, act and move simultaneously. Receiving its world premiere on the MusicNOW series, Savior combines music, movement and theater into a unified whole to reflect upon the perceptual richness and complexity of Joan of Arc’s mystical and divinely inspired life and death.

 “Dark, wild and engrossing…wondrously eclectic” The New York Times on Ms. Kirsten’s Colombine’s Paradise Theater

 Savior was commissioned by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation for MusicNOW.

KIRSTEN | Savior [World Premiere, MusicNOW Commission]

Musicians from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
HOWL, vocal theatre ensemble
Christopher Kriz, sound designer
Mary Ellen Stebbins, lighting designer