Hot Coffee — Bach & Haydn

Music of the Baroque

Jane Glover serves up a rich brew of Bach and Haydn, including Bach’s delightfully whimsical Coffee Cantata with soprano Joélle Harvey and energetic Orchestral Suite No. 2. Two symphonies by Haydn—the crackling Fire and the contemplative Philosopher—add a dash of Classical flavor.

HAYDN Symphony No. 59 in A Major (Fire)
BACH Orchestral Suite No. 2
HAYDN Symphony No. 22 in E-flat Major (The Philosopher)
BACH Coffee Cantata

Music of the Baroque Orchestra
Jane Glover, conductor
Joélle Harvey, soprano
Josh Lovell, tenor
Neal Davies, baritone

Audience Advisory: Children eight years old or older are welcome at Music of the Baroque concerts.