MusicNOW: Chicago’s Own


Three rising-star composers with Chicago roots—Suzanne Farrin, Morgan Krauss and Drew Baker—are rethinking the possibilities of “classical” instruments and continually pushing the sonic envelope to new extremes. New York-based Sky Macklay’s Many Many Cadences explores musical humor, and Icelandic composer Daniel Bjarnason’s Bow to string employs vigorously percussive performance techniques.

MusicNOW offers an immersive, sonic journey through groundbreaking repertoire. Join us for a program of expertly curated contemporary music featuring new commissions and multimedia works performed by musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Each evening includes a postconcert reception with free food and drink.

Major support for MusicNOW is generously provided by the Irving Harris Foundation, The Sally Mead Hands Foundation, The Julian Family Foundation, Cindy Sargent and the Zell Family Foundation.