Champions of Magic

Champions of Magic

Young & Strange (UK)

Young & Strange met when they were 8 years old, their early childhood friendship was cemented with a common interest in all things magic. They spent their early teenage years attempting, and failing, to make Las Vegas style illusions with cardboard and tape. With little money, they were forced to innovate, creating original illusions and magic tricks – this early experience has led them to become one of the most unique illusion acts in the world.

In recent years their relentless development and innovation of spectacular illusions and live shows have landed them spots on prime time television and the biggest stages around the world.

Alex McAleer (UK)

“Get this man out my studio. He’s possessed by the devil.” - BBC Radio

Alex McAleer possesses the uncanny ability to apparently tap into his audiences’ minds and read their thoughts at will. However he doesn’t pretend to be a ‘psychic’ who reads fortunes or talks to the dead. Instead he reads people and talks to the living, combining contemporary mind reading with sharp wit and a flair for showmanship.

Kayla Drescher (USA)

Kayla has won multiple awards, including the Society of American Magician’s Presidential Citation and being voted “Magician of the Year”. She’s also appeared on television numerous times, including The CW’s Penn & Teller: Fool Us and NBC’s The Today Show, where she won David Copperfield’s Search for the Next Great Magician.

Her contemporary style of magic uses everyday objects to create unbelievable results, from levitating smart phones to teleporting a borrowed bank note from one person to another. She’s created marshmallow magic with Blue Man Group and even made David Copperfield appear for The Daily Show.

Fernando Velasco (Mexico/USA)

From the moment he steps on stage, Fernando Velasco’s powerful persona commands your attention, and his fantastically impossible magic and death-defying escapes will leave you breathless and amazed. At only 21 years old, Fernando is pushing the boundaries of what a young escapologist can do, and is already the world’s youngest to perform magic’s most dangerous illusion, the Houdini Water Torture Cell.

Born in Mexico, Fernando was 11 years old when he immigrated to Southern California when his passion for magic took him to the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle where he was taught the “tricks of the trade” by some of America’s leading illusionists, quickly mastering the art and winning accolades and awards from his mentors in the magic community.