Everest \\ Aleko

Chicago Opera Theater

A modern masterpiece and a Romantic Russian gem come together in a massive double-bill.

In Joby Talbot and Gene Scheer’s Everest, based on the true story chronicled in Jon Krakauer’s critically acclaimed book Into Thin Air, a team of climbers set out to summit the monolithic mountain. Plagued by the ghosts of those claimed by the journey, they endeavor to join the hallowed ranks of adventurers to have conquered the peak.

In Rachmaninov’s Aleko, a man abandons a life in Russian society to join his love, the fiercely independent Zemfira, and her free spirited camp of Romani travelers. When Zemfira refuses to settle down with just one lover, Aleko is faced with a choice: adapt to this new life, or face tragic consequences.