Everest \\ Aleko

Chicago Opera Theater

A modern masterpiece and a Romantic Russian gem come together in a massive double-bill.

Moby-Dick stars Andrew Bidlack (Greenhorn) and Aleksey Bogdanov (Starbuck) return to the COT stage in the musical event of the season. Together with Harris Theater Resident Company Apollo Chorus, COT brings over 100 choristers and a full orchestra onstage to bring Joby Talbot and Gene Scheer’s critically acclaimed Everest and Rachmaninov’s beautiful Aleko to Chicago for the first time 

In Joby Talbot and Gene Scheer’s Everest, based on the true story chronicled in Jon Krakauer’s critically acclaimed book Into Thin Air, a team of climbers set out to summit the monolithic mountain. Plagued by the ghosts of those claimed by the journey, they endeavor to join the hallowed ranks of adventurers to have conquered the peak.

In Rachmaninov’s Aleko, a free spirited camp of Romani travelers settle along a river bank. The fiercely independent Zemfira listens as her father warns the camp about the dangers of a jealous heart and extolls the virtues of love given freely. Her moody lover Aleko, a man who left Russian society for a new life beneath the stars, struggles to understand a culture so much freer than the one he left behind. When Aleko grows more possessive, Zemfira leaves him for a young gypsy from within the camp. As the campfire burns low and Zemfira dances with her new lover, passion and rage collide in Rachmaninov’s orchestral masterpiece.

Everest \\ Aleko contains strong language, depictions of violence, and a gunshot.

Audio Description

The November 17th performance will feature audio-description. For more information about accessible services at the Harris, please visit our Accessibility page.