The Mozart Effect: Live!

The Mozart Effect: Live!

The transformational power of music to stimulate human cognitive processes, improve memory and focus using Music Therapy were first explored by educator Don Campbell in his best-selling book The Mozart Effect™. Don Campbell subsequently curated a series of themed albums of Mozart’s music that sold millions of copies. By special permission of his estate, Don Campbell’s innovative teaching was the inspiration to bring The Mozart Effect: Live!™ to the concert stage.  

The creators of The Mozart Effect: Live!™ have two main objectives; to leave audiences enlightened, invigorated, and having experienced something entirely unlike any other concert or theatrical event and to introduce live orchestra to new audiences.   

Conducting the Chicago Philharmonic for the American Premiere, the producers have retained as conductor Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser. Daniel is the Artist in Residence and Community Ambassador of Symphony Nova Scotia has performed with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, Hamilton Philharmonic, the Eastern Sierra Symphony, the Stratford Symphony, and has been re-invited to the San Francisco Symphony for four seasons. This season, Daniel will debut with the  Chicago Philharmonic, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Kingston Symphony Orchestra, and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.  He received his Master of Philosophy in Performance from the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England. He has been awarded the RBC Emerging Artist Grant and the Canada Council for the Arts Jean-Marie Beaudet Prize for Orchestral Conducting, and has recently been appointed to the Board of Orchestras Canada.

Conductor:  Daniel Bartholomew-Poyser
Visual Director:  Keith Holding
Lighting Director:  Eric Bartness
Executive Producer:  Geoff Kulawick
Music Director: Charles Cozens
Museik Operator: Kirk Starkey
Produced by: Linus Entertainment in Association with Koba Entertainment

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