Family Series: The Magic City

Manual Cinema

Manual Cinema has adapted Edith Nesbit’s 1910 novel The Magic City for a live, cinematic shadow puppet show. Using overhead projectors, paper shadow puppets, actors on camera and live music, Manual Cinema’s adaptation of The Magic City updates the novel with a modern retelling.

The Magic City tells the story of nine-year-old Philomena, whose great love is building miniature structures out of books, toys, and other found objects from around her house. One day, her older sister (and only legal guardian) Helen announces that she is engaged to marry, and the two go to live at the mansion of Helen’s fiancé, Brandon. Left alone in her vast new home, forced to make friends with her annoying stepbrother Lucas, Philomena secludes herself in the attic where she builds the biggest miniature city she’s ever made. Later that night, Philomena wakes up to discover that her city has come alive. As she steps through the city gates, her adventure begins.

Sensory Friendly  Sign Language Interpretation

This presentation will be a relaxed, sensory-friendly performance. Sign Language interpretation will be provided for spoken content. For more information about accessible services at the Harris, please visit our Accessibility page.

What is the Family Series?

Family Series performances offer high-quality, engaging programming designed to cultivate the next generation of arts lovers. These hour-long performances are designed for children ages 4 and older and fun for the entire family, with opportunities to meet and interact with artists following each performance. And as always, audiences are encouraged to laugh, clap, and experience the theater in their own way — no shushing allowed!

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