Dancer dressed in black extending their arms out.

Films.Dance Round 4 Trailer

Films.Dance Dancer dressed in black extending their arms out.

About Films.Dance Round 4

Films.Dance champions global creativity and collaboration through a groundbreaking free film series produced by and under the creative direction of Los Angeles-based Jacob Jonas The Company. Launched in 2021, Films.Dance has produced and presented 35 original short dance films, amassing over 3.5 million views. On October 17, the platform expands to premiere 5 new original works with new collaborators worldwide.

Through non-traditional collaborations across cultures and continents, and led by the vision of Jacob Jonas, the series connects the perspectives of diverse artists from a range of disciplines, dance genres, abilities, and experiences. Filmed in locations ranging from Israel, Madrid, Amsterdam, Chicago, and Montreal, to Mexico City, London, and New York—Films.Dance exists at the intersection of dance, music, fashion, and film.

A new film from Films.Dance will premiere on the HT Virtual Stage each week for free, every Monday, from October 17- November 14.