Four dancers stand close together in a diagonal row on a rooftop, tall buildings flanked behind them in a gray sky. Female dancers wear solid red or gold tops, and one male dancer wears a cream button down. One dancer looks at the camera while the others look  to the sides.
Two dancers stand side-by-side close together, one dancer slightly behind the other. Both dancers are leaning far left with eyes closed, focused upwards. Dancers wear shades of deep red, pink, and white and stand in front of a swirling painted background of dark blue, light blue, and white. A blue orb is seen in the painting above the dancers' heads.

From the Artist
Saudade! It doesn't matter how far we go; the more we grow, the more we strengthen the connection with our essences and our hearts. Luís Fernando, Jovani Furlan, Luanna Gondim and Maitê Nunes dance together as a shadow of one another, in an alien place that represents their introspectiveness. Pássaro Distante can be interpreted as how far we can go into our internal universe - as a distant bird.

Production Credits
Director: Gabriela Mo
Choreographer: Cassi Abranches
Featuring: Luís Fernando, Jovani Furlan, Luanna Gondim, Maitê Nunes
Music Production: Ju Strassacapa, Malu Magri
Composer: Andrei Martinez Kozyreff
Assistant Director: Júlia Bazerque
Director of Photography: Larissa Zaidan Audio Engineer: Gabriel Lima
Acoustic Guitar: Andrei Martinez Kozyreff
Electric Guitar: André Marrocos
Percussion: Gabriel Lima
Stylist: Bru Fernandes 
Editor: Bruna Abubakir
Grading + Title Photography: Larissa Zaidan
1st AD: Julia Bazerque
1st Camera Assistant: Luiz Egídio
2nd Camera Assistant: Rafael Mattar
Makeup and Hair: Priscila Bisbo
Makeup and Hair Assistant: Carlaxane Maia
Runner: Willians Barbosa Dos Santos (Kiwi)
Loggers: Thiago Cunha
Unit Still Photographer: Bernardo Guerreiro
Rehearsal Assistant: Filipe Bruschi
Drivers: Diego Santos and Anderson Dias
Produced By: Jacob Jonas The Company
Production: Untitled Films
Executive Production: Karin Nantes
Production Manager: Camila Gouveia
Line Producer: Danielle Makauskas
Production: Mariane Oliveira
Post Production Manager: Mauro Linberger
Post Production: Warriors