One dancer stands in profile in front of a glass building, their left arm extended diagonally out to their side. Their right arm with limb loss extends straight out from their body. Dancer's eyes are focused upwards.
A single dancer sits inside a translucent square box,  with arms wrapped tight around legs,  head tucked down.  Box is positioned on a rocky shore, a cloud-filled sky and gray body of water can be seen in the background.

From the Artist
Set in the urban metropolis of London, Toke, is an intimate portrait of Danish-born dancer Toke Broni Strandby. Director NONO expertly visualizes the emotionally layered journey we endure to fulfill our dreams while exploring themes of identity, contemporary alienation, and acceptance. An inspiring story about triumph, Toke, is a celebration of the beautiful resilience of the human spirit.

Production Credits
Choreographer: Stuart Shugg
Featuring: Toke Broni Strandby
Composed By: Paulo Gallo
Cinematographer: Eira Wyn Jones
Costume Designer: Kazuya Kojima
Editor: Ale E. Cid / Baker's Cult
Color: Thomas Mangham / The Mill
VFX Artist: Pablo Cambronero / Sinedie
1st AC: Ernest Tu, Gabriel Stanger, Joe Medlock
Steadicam: Operator Matteo Zenin
Stills Photographer: Jennifer McCord
Production Assistants: Louise Tse, Jake Edwards
Prop Maker: Jess Tadini Rybolt
VO Sound Recordist: Pablo Wagner
Mixed and Mastered at: Roostersound - Berlin
1st Violin and Solo Performances: Maria Laskowska
Electric Guitar & Drone Performances: Bláthín Eckhardt
Cello: Julio Madrigal
2nd Violin: Merle Green
Viola: Edgar Maggs
Mixed and Mastered by: Paulo Gallo
Support: ARRI, GreenKit & The Mill
Produced By: Jacob Jonas The Company
Production: Unsigned
Executive Producer: Jackson Lee Forsythe