A stand bends backwards with a grey, concrete background

Weakness of the Flesh

A stand bends backwards with a grey, concrete background

Los Angeles-based Jacob Jonas virtually co-directs with Ireland-based Kevin McGloughlin, intersecting dance and visual design. Performed by Jacob Jonas The Company’s Emma Rosenzweig-Bock, Weakness of the Flesh features original music by Max Cooper, working at the intersection between electronic music, visual art, technology and science, the vocals of Hindustani Classical trained Samad Khan, and the cinematography of Shaun Boyte.

From the Artists
Concrete, when dry, cemented and stuck. The body, delicate. When the mind is pushed, the potential of the defense system is revealed. Blank canvases and raw environments. The complexities of human nature exposed. Depth of understanding to the natural course. Society's normality can’t enslave us. The mind pushes to the body. The mind pushes towards the weak flesh. A rebound effect that continues. This is a universal temptation that repeats through time. 

Creative Team
Directors: Jacob Jonas (Los Angeles, CA) & Kevin McGloughlin (Silgo, Ireland)
Choreographer: Jacob Jonas (Los Angeles, CA)
Dancer: Emma Rosenzweig-Bock (Los Angeles, CA)
Cinematographer: Shaun Boye (Los Angeles, CA)
Composer: Max Cooper (London, UK)