Jun 3

Join us for the finale of the celebrious Chicago series where jazz, classical, and ethnic folk music intersect in new and unexpected ways.

Since 2017, Chicago Jazz Philharmonic has invited guest musicians to share their immigration stories and their artistry, creating a collective experience for audiences across Chicago of what it means to be an American. Chicago Immigrant Stories has been forging cross-genre collaborations to connect the musical culture of the city's immigrant populations, providing inclusive space for diverse communities to feel connected with each other.

Chicago Immigrant Stories IV will feature musicians from Chicago’s Japanese, Brazilian, and Ukrainian communities alongside Chicago Jazz Philharmonic’s full 55+ member orchestra. When talking about the rich cultural heritage and customs that have shaped Chicago over the city’s 190-year history, often overlooked are the region’s original inhabitants. For this production, CJP will also partner with musicians from Chicago’s indigenous communities to share their culture and reflect on the impact that immigration and the growth of the city has had on their families.

The series has been hailed as "the convergence of musical cultures [which] stands to yield an opus that sounds like nothing else we’ve heard" by Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune.