May 22

When is asking questions impiety?
When does education corrupt the youth?
How much freedom is too much?

Nationally renowned judges and attorneys once again take on the most famous case in history: The People vs. Socrates. Is Socrates guilty of impiety and corrupting the youth? Or is he merely encouraging them to think?

The Trial of Socrates has fascinated and troubled generations, who have struggled to comprehend the death of one of history’s greatest philosophers at the hands of a lawful jury. Charged with impiety and corrupting the youth, Socrates celebrated pursuit of wisdom was seen as a threat to the very survival of Athenian democracy. The Trial of Socrates invites us to consider anew the fragility of democracy, the limits of freedom, and the imperfection of human justice. Guilty or not guilty? You decide.

The NHM Trial Series highlights the enduring relevance and value of Greek philosophy and thought.