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Red Clay Dance Company lives to awaken “glocal” Artivism through creating, performing and teaching dances of the African Diaspora.

Named in 2021 as one of Chicago’s Cultural Treasures! Our Artivism not only transforms cultural and socio-economic inequities in our “glocal” community, but it also shares stories we know to be true about who we are as a people. Through this work, we amplify voices of the African Diaspora, seek remuneration equity for artists, support Black women and create accessible excellence.

We are a welcoming home for professional and pre-professional dancers, dance-lovers, and other artists to convene, create, and collaborate together. The professional Touring Company of Artivists creates and performs thought-provoking, uplifting, challenging, socially conscious Afro-Contemporary dance for audiences around the world. In addition, Red Clay School of Dance and Red Clay Dance Youth Ensemble offer world-class training to youth, teens and adults as a pipeline toward professional careers in the arts.

Our Community, Engagement, Education, Partnerships (CEEP) program provides accessible excellence in dance education to schools and community groups and serves more than five hundred students throughout Chicago. Our innovative Making the Artivist program creates courageous spaces that empower local youth to share their stories and lift their voices while learning to lead impactful social change. With the opening of our Center for Excellence in Woodlawn, our In the Making membership program provides affordable creative space and a supportive infrastructure for dancers and choreographers in Chicago.